Power Spur

Unlimited Creativity.

The Power Spur is a mid-mount power rake designed to couple between your loader and an attachment. It works in line with most attachments providing unlimited creativity for teams that proudly shape the earth.

Equipped with the same aggressive rotor as our RotoRake, the Power Spur is more than a power rake. The carbide tips are designed to pass closely to the AR400 ledger, providing mulching, pulverizing, and shredding performance.

This innovative design allows operators to use the Power Spur on its own, or with an attachment connected adding both material handling efficiency and depth control.

Power Spur PS72 PS84
Dimensions (WLH) 79 X 20 X 25” 91 X 20 X 25”
Working Width 72” 84”
Overall Width 79” 91”
Suggested Bucket Width 78 - 84” 90 - 96”
Weight (lbs) 720 770
Cont. PSI 3,000 MAX 3,000 MAX
Roto Speed 230-450 RPM 230-450 RPM
Hyd. GPM Range 18-30 18-30
Rotor Torque @ 2500 PSI 550 FT-LBS 550 FT-LBS


Adjustable Mount

For maximum flexibility the Power Spur utilizes a bolt on adapter to carry attachments. It allows you to adjust the adapter to maintain proper engagement depth of the rotor.

Floating Rotor

The Power Spur is driven by dual hydraulic motors. The floating rotor design helps to prevent the rotor from binding.

The rotor housing and ledger are constructed of AR400 steel.

*AR400 highlighted in red

Gauge Wheel (opt.)

An optional gauge wheel can be fitted to the Power Spur. This is helpful to those working in tight areas who want the added benefits of a gauge wheel.

  • Attaches to the front of the power spur to maintain depth.
  • Adds approx. 17.5” to the overall length of the Power Spur.