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Reist In-Fielder D-60

A Heavy Duty Time Saving Ball Diamond Groomer

Operators without special training can operate the REIST In-Fielder and condition a hard, uneven baseball diamond into a smooth and level playing surface. The In-Fielder is extremely simple to operate because it has only two adjustments: the cutting depth of the grader blade and the brush height adjustment.

  • Heavy duty bolt-on serrated grader blade
  • Floating clod-breaking pulverizer roller
  • Heavy duty floating leveling bar
  • Broom and rake holders
  • Adjustable rear brush
  • Lubed pivots

In-Fielder D60
Dimensions (WLH) 67 x 43 x 31”
Width 60”
Hitch CAT I
Weight (Ibs) 620
Pulverizer Roller 5”
Packer Roller 1 pc. Steel Roll


Tow Kit with Wheels

  • Not recommended for highway use
  • Optional electric/hydraulic power supply to raise and lower hitch and rear wheels
  • Manual adjust

Rotary Sweeper

  • 20" diameter nylon bristle brush with spring loaded break-away arm
  • Hydraulic-driven
  • Adjustable gauge wheel
  • Sweep material off grass and away from fence
  • Prevent out field ridge

Water Tank

  • 50 gallon capacity
  • 12V pump and rear nozzle

Hand Wand Kit

  • Hand wand kit for easy spraying

Front Nozzle Kit

  • For dust suppression
  • Front nozzle, switch, and pump

Electric Actuator

  • 100mm Stroke

Hydraulic Top Link

  • Available for CAT I & CAT II
  • Available in 8”, 10” and 14” stroke lengths

Rear Long Tine Rake

  • 14" long x 3/8" spring tines
  • Loosen up hard-packed surfaces, which helps to dry the soil quicker


  • Get the perfect edge