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Reist 24" AeraSeeder

Reist AeraSeeders are specifically made for:

  • Playing fields
  • Golf courses
  • Cemeteries
  • Rental stores

The Reist Industries 24SP AeraSeeder provides simple, yet accurate initial and overseeding in those “hard to get at" places. At only 33" wide, with a seeding area of 24", this mighty little machine will quickly overseed your golf greens and it can also fit through a backyard gate. The multi-spiked roller produces approximately 800 perforations per square yard, effectively saturating the top surface with a network of holes. This network, combined with our stainless steel seed apertures, brush, and smooth packing roller system, offer you the highest percentage of grass seed germination.

  • Multi-spiked roller
  • 850 perforations per square yard
  • Honda engine with Eaton Hydrostatic Drive
  • Rear smooth packing roller
  • Cam-adjusted seed gate
  • User-friendly controls
  • Seed calibration tray

24" Self Propelled AOSCS24SP AOSCC24SP
Dimensions (WLH) 33 x 60 x 37" 33 x 60 x 37"
Seeding Width 24" 24"
Front Roller Cone Cone
Rear Roller Smooth Cone
Weight (lbs) 400 455
Seed Bin Capacity (Bushels) 1.25 1.25


8" Diameter x 2" Wide Gauge Wheel

  • 2” wide x 8” diameter solid rubber wheels
  • Adjustable stop to control depth of penetration on front spike roller

8" Diameter x 4" Wide Gauge Wheel

  • Upgraded wheels compared to the 2” wide by 8” diameter gauge wheels

Rear Spiked Roller

  • Additional spiked roller increases perforations to 1,700 per square yard

45-Pound Weight

  • Add weight to your product to enhance traction, compacting and even the weight distribution of your unit

Weight Bracket

  • Holds up to six 45 pound weights