Trail Pro

Groom your Trails Faster with One machine, One Operator, and One Pass

Reist TrailPro: The 3-in-1 heavy-duty implement for municipal trail maintenance. The Reist TrailPro is a unique trail-grooming implement that trims edges, reclaims gravel and levels your trails in one pass.

  • Unique edging disc (one on each side) removes grass and weeds from side of trail. Cuts down to the root ball. Disc reclaims gravel and stone dust that has built up along edge of trail and redistributes it across the trail, which eliminates the need for costly re-gravelling. Disc creates a clean, trimmed edge.
  • Angled blades remove high spots and level the trail
  • Spinning rotor pulverizes and separates root balls and stone dust
  • Carbide-tipped teeth spin at 540 RPM, leaving no stone unturned
  • Leveling plate made from ¾" wear resistant steel compacts the product, and leaves a smooth trail that can be used immediately by the public

Specifications 72"
Working Width 72"
Weight 1,475 lbs.
Hitch CAT I
Dimensions 72"(w) x 67"(l) x 34"(h)


Rear Gauge Roller

  • To pack down materials that cannot be dragpacked, such as wood chips and loose material