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Reist 24" AeraSeeder

Reist AeraSeeders are specifically made for:

  • Playing fields
  • Golf courses
  • Cemeteries
  • Rental stores

The Reist Industries 24SP AeraSeeder provides simple, yet accurate initial and overseeding in those “hard to get at” places. At only 34" wide, with a seeding area of 24", this mighty little machine will quickly overseed your golf greens and it can also fit through a backyard gate. The multi-spiked roller produces approximately 800 perforations per square yard, effectively saturating the top surface with a network of holes. This network, combined with our stainless steel seed apertures, brush, and smooth packing roller system, offer you the highest percentage of grass seed germination.

  • Multi-spiked roller
  • Honda engine with Eaton Hydrostatic Drive
  • Rear smooth packing roller
  • Cam-adjusted seed gate
  • User-friendly controls
  • Seed calibration tray
  • Gauge wheel kit, with quick release wheels
  • Weight bracket

Specifications 24"
Weight 400 lbs.
Engine 5.5 HP Honda Gasoline Engine
Dimensions 48"L x 34"W x 40"H
Hydrostatic Drive 0 to 5 MPH
Capacity 1.25 bushel seed box


Gauge Wheel Attachment

  • 2" wide x 8" diameter solid rubber wheels
  • Optional 4" wide UHMW plastic wheels
  • Adjustable stop to control depth of penetration on front spike roller

Rear Spiked Roller Attachment

Doubles up perforations to 1700 per square yard

Weight Bracket Attachment

Holds up to six 45 pound weights

45-Pound Weight